Does God Hear Prayer?

For years I had a hiccup for a heartbeat. Eventually my doctor told me I had a heart murmur.  This murmur, I thought, explained the pressure and racing beats I often experienced. 

One day a blood vessel in my left eye burst clouding my vision with blood.  My doctor referred me to an ophthalmologist; who performed an ultrasound on the arteries of my neck.  He discovered I had a 69% blood flow obstruction in one of my arteries.  My primary doctor and a cardiologist were immediately notified.

Together, they all decided to watch me and perform a follow-up ultrasound in six months.

Six months passed, the blood in my eye cleared and I go for the follow-up ultrasound for my artery.  The nurse asked me a million questions, “Are you diabetic, do you drink, smoke, and are you pregnant?”  I answered no to all, waiting for her to hurry-up and tell me everything was alright.

A few days passed before I got a call from my doctor.  He said, with very little emotion, “You need to see a specialist to deal with your heart blockage.”  I was stunned.

Here I was; 49 years old, mostly healthy, not overweight, not a smoker, not a drinker, and I had major arterial blockage.  I saw my life flash before me.  I had not lived my dreams and I was not ready to die. 

I immediately make an appointment to see a Cardio-surgeon and he plans to perform a procedure called an Angioplasty.  This procedure involves a straw-size tube being pushed up a vein near your groan area, then up through the heart valve to the main artery.  This is all done while die is pumped into the vein and x-rays are taken.

On the day of the procedure I was terrified.  I was asked to sign waivers, notified of the many risks, and told my adventure could end in death.  As the nurse rolled my gurney toward the day-surgery room, I quieted my spirit and prayed.  “Lord, please have the doctor tell me there’s nothing he needs to do.”

I was given local anesthetic and was fully awake for the procedure. The incision was made; the straw was inserted and pushed up through my heart.  The dye was pumped into my artery and x-rays were taken, all while I looked up at the ceiling. 

As the doctor instructed me to turn my head from left to right, a single tear rolled down my cheek.  He mumbled something to himself and called over to another doctor waiting nearby.  They both watched an x-ray monitor as he pushed the straw higher up my neck. 

Looking down, the doctor said, “You have a birth defect, your artery is not blocked it is just smaller than normal.  Then he said, “There is nothing I need to do.”

I blinked down another tear.  “Did he just say what I prayed for?” I thought.  The doctor repeated word for word my answered prayer.  “There is nothing I need to do”, he said again.

That day, God confirmed that He is real and He hears prayers.  Not only does he hear them, but He answers them too.

Thank God for prayer.


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