Crown Of Splendor

 I heard someone say, “Where are all the grandmothers?”  I had to laugh when I heard this because most of the grandmothers I know look like their daughters; with clothes too short, make-up too dark and hills too high. 

This observation is in no way a bad reflection of how women are taking better care of themselves.  Miss Clairol has helped the cause by providing more hair colors than ever before. 

Grandmothers today just seem to lack the ole “ask Grandma” wisdom of the past.

In the past, one thing people could depend on was grandma’s wisdom.  Grandma would not sugar coat her opinion on what she felt was inappropriate or un-godly.  Her wisdom, gained through years of experience, and the value of her correction, was beneficial whether you liked it or not.

The bible tells us in Proverbs 16:31, “Gray hair is a crown of splendor; if it is attained by a righteous life.”  I ponder and conclude, with age and a righteous life, gray hair (old age) is a blessing.

With this blessing there is also responsibility. 

Wisdom that comes with age and experience should be on display for younger people to see.  It should reflect into their eyes as an example of dignity, purpose, devotion, and balanced living.

This responsibility includes being a reflection of our devotion to Christ.  As we emulate His love and forgiveness, we demonstrate it with helpful hands that share, loving hearts that care and compassion toward our neighbor. 

In addition to this display of Christ in us, we should show young people an example of righteousness to look forward to.  Give them a “When I grow up I wanna be like _____” example.    

No one is perfect; all of us fall short of God’s perfect glory.  But we can aspire to be righteous, with God’s help, and then let our light shine for the world to see.

Then, as our young people shift their role models from Jersey Shore (an MTV disgrace) to their wise ole friends, neighbors, grandmas and grandpas, they will have something to hold on to.  When life’s bumps and bruises come, and they will, they’ll be encouraged.  They will use these examples of wisdom and righteous living to be their guide.

(((((Calling all crowns of splendor)))))  Each new day is a new opportunity to help a young person, teach a young person, and lead a young person by example.  Make a difference by living a life that counts worthy.


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