What Is Reverence?


Ok, step back and hold on to your hat I’m pondering again.

I was watching a conversation between a catholic nun and a priest.  What I noticed in the discussion was their sheer reverence for God.

They spoke about loving God and His awesome presence.  They didn’t talk about what God could do for them or what he could give to them.  They just talked about God and who He is.

This conversation led me to ponder my own belief and question if I properly have reverence for God. 

Webster defines reverence as:  respect, admiration, worship, awesome, astonishment, amazement and high regard.

I pondered things people revere.

Some revere a football team, especially those who’ve won a super bowl game.  Some admire a Grammy award winning singer or an Academy Award winning actor.  Some worship money and the beautiful things it can buy.   Some are astonished by a great mind like Albert Einstein.  Some are amazed by the talents of Kobe, LeBron, or Michael Jordan for their athletic ability.

But what about God?

Are we in awe of His existence?  Are we amazed at His talent to create all living things, including us?  Do we find sheer joy and honor to be in His presence? 

Do we revere God?

As religions come and go, various beliefs stress the importance of various ideas.  Leaders of the church interpret the word of God and create religious traditions and ways of worship.  No matter what faith, the whole point is God – creator of man and the universe.

As we go to church and do our weekly “duty” to worship God, we go about our lives; working, playing and resting without further thought about God or His awesome existence.

Reverence for God, and our love and respect for Him, must be translated in our comprehension and gratitude of God’s grace, mercy, love and salvation.

We should stop, with respect, admiration, and awe to admirer that God is in everything.

God is in that sunset timed perfectly each day.  God is in forgiveness that brings restoration to our lives and souls.  God is in that act of love; feeding the homeless, clothing the poor and caring for the sick.

We should think about His beautiful gift of creation and the awesomeness of His handiwork.  Think about His accomplishments in your life and the lives of others.  Think about His love; to give His Son Jesus as an offering for the sin of the world.  Think about His peace that He gives freely as we need during difficult times. Think about the world without Him and how badly man would behave if he had no moral compass to live by.

With this thought in mind how can we not revere God? 

Cheer Him, like a great touchdown pass.  Praise Him, like an award winning performance.  Love Him, like our favorite song.  Worship Him, like he deserves.

Some Eastern religions teach meditation techniques that tell you, “Let your mind go blank….go to nothingness.”   I say let your mind go to God.

Do we revere God?  We should.


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