Can You Keep It?



I was about eight years old and I remember going to a neighbor’s house where various people in our neighborhood gathered together to study the bible. 

I watched in amazement as they read bible verses and discussed it’s application to our everyday lives.  An old man with a cute dog who lived across the street, the elderly lady who lived next door and others I hadn’t met before sat next to each other  talking about God.

At the end of the study, the home owner gave everyone a bible verse to remember for the next meeting.  I was assigned Luke 11:28.

I remember the panic that poured over me.

“I’m just a kid,” I thought.  “How can I remember this  AND repeat it for adults?”  I was worried.

I went home and read that bible verse over and over.  “Blessed are they that hear the word of God and keep it.” Luke 11:28

When time came for the next week’s bible study I was ready.

As usual, the adults read and discussed various bible verses and I listened quietly.  After the study, the leader went around the room to have everyone quote the bible verse they were assigned. 

I stood up slowly, noticing everyone’s eyes on me, and I pronounced:

“Luke 11:28, Blessed are they that hear the word of God and keep it.” 

Everyone cheered.  My mother looked so proud and I was shocked that I had actually remembered the verse considering my fear.

Years later, God would remind me of this experience.  He taught me to read His Word, study it and remember it.  And, in return I would be “blessed.”

I challenge everyone to read God’s word.  Know for yourself the promises of God, the instruction of God and the blessings of God.

No one can tell you anything better than the source itself.  Open the bible and gain knowledge, learn the ways of God and our relationship to Him. 

Let the Word come alive in you and always keep it.


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