Communicate With God

I was wondering how we survived without cellphones. Back in the day, we waited until we got home to call our friends and families with the latest news.  When on the road, we pulled over to a gas station to use pay phones in an emergency. And, the local gossip had a “hot line” because she (or he) never got off the phone. Back then, the telephone was used to communicate.

 Today, the telephone is used in many ways. It’s used to surf the web, to tweet our latest thoughts, to facebook party pictures and text a full conversation. With these various forms of communication, talking is becoming a thing of the past.

When we look at communicating with God, there is only one way, and that is through prayer. The bible tells us how, when, where, what and why to pray. If we follow its direction, we will have open lines of communication with God in every aspect of our lives.  

If you believe that there is a physical life and a spiritual life, then we can agree that God is over it all. The bible tells that in this world (physical and spiritual) we need to communicate with God. It tells us that we need to, “Draw near to God for Him to draw near to us.”  We do this by prayer.

Imagine a ship without a captain, an airplane without a pilot, and a bus without a driver. That is our life without prayer. There is no guidance in stormy seas, there is no direction when dealing with things unseen and no proper navigation leading our lives toward a path that is straight. We need to talk to God in all matters of our lives.

Check out these (few) bible verses to see when, where, why, how, what and who should pray. This is only a sample of what the bible says about prayer. But, like the Nike ad says, “Just Do It.”

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When – Always

–        1 Thessalonians 5:15

–        Ephesians 6:18

–        Philippians 4:6

 Where – It is a personal communication with God

–        Matthew 6:5-6

–        Matthew 14: 23

–        Luke 22:41

–        Mark 14:35

Why – We live in a physical & spiritual world; we must communicate to the Unseen God through prayer

–        1 Corinthians 2:12

–        Ephesians 6:12-18  (A part of the armor of God)

–        John 16:33   

How – In Faith, guilt free and humbly

–        1 Peter 4:7

–        2 Corinthians 7:1

–        Luke 18:13-14  

–        Matthew 7: 7-8

What – For closeness with God, His Peace & Joy (with no fear, no defeat, no doubt, no lack)

–        James 4:8

–        Deuteronomy 4:7

–        1 John 3:21

Who – To all/for all (even those who persecute you)

–        Matthew 6:44

–        Matthew 6:14


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