I’m Back!

After time away, being sick and tired, I’m back to what inspires me the most….my faith in God.

After a stroke in 2014, I’d lost confidence in myself and God. I’d lost some of my ability to think logically and I thought my usefulness was over. I thought, I could still be an advocate for people with Sickle Cell Disease because I could still inspire, having had a stroke and lived. I believed I couldn’t write books anymore but God knew better.

Recently, my husband Rick said God told him to be more encouraging to me, so he sat me down and showed me myself. He started with my web page www.pallenjones.com, and then to a link of a radio interview I had for my book I Only Cry At Night  which I wrote in 2012. He showed me who I was and who I am. We talked about my fears of writing and being logical enough to present my ideas, logically. We talked about my desire to finish my second book Ponder Faith and how I wasn’t sure I was qualified to write about my awesome God.

Needless to say, God knew I needed to see myself just as I am; flawed and in need of His mercy, grace, love AND His push. So here I am writing my first blog post after more than 1 year.

Thank God I’m not qualified…..He is.

2 responses to “Qualified

  1. For nothing shall be IMPOSSIBLE with GOD! Pam spread your wings and fly again! God will lift you up and be the wind beneath your wings! CONGRATULATIONS on your new life’s journey!

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