Inherit Life


A simple conversation between Jesus and a wealthy man, who thought he was “doing” all the right things, gives us insight into the kingdom of God and eternal life.

In Mark 10:17-20, Jesus meets this young man and gets the question, “What must I do”? Jesus, being all knowing, knew there was one thing this one man had not done. Notice, in verse 18 Jesus only mentioned a few of the Ten Commandments, found in Exodus 20.

Jesus knew that this young man had another lord, another god, something else he worshipped and loved. In Mark 10:21-22 it was revealed when the young man was sorrowful. He worshipped his money, prestige, position and power. To leave (or give up) all of his possessions and follow Jesus caused him sorrow.

Jesus intentionally left off Exodus 20:1-4, which reminds us to have no other god, (little g) in our life. A god could be money, cars, sex, alcohol, drugs, or anything that takes the place of God, (big G) in our lives. This was “the one thing” Jesus knew was standing in the way of this young man. He had not fully committed his life; wealth, mind, and will to God.

In order to inherit eternal life we must submit all things to God. Not in a superficial religious, work pleasing way. We must surrender our will for God’s will. Our life for God’s life lived through us. Not only for our sake, but for the sake of our children. There is a curse attached, a generational curse, for worshipping other gods (little g). Exodus 20:5 is enough to make you turn-on the light in your skeleton closet and clean-up your life. Addressing all the things you’ve worshipped before worshipping God. Look your skeletons squarely in the face, repent for your sin and know this is necessary for inheriting eternal life. Do this today, while you have breath, for the sake of your children’s children.  I’ll see you I heaven. Amen

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